• Love and other Blessings

A blessing is a way of finding and being found by grace.

Glynn Cardy’s new volume of prayer poems reflects his own journey in ministry and spirituality. He acknowledges that prayer and blessing is integral to the Judeo-Christian tradition that formed him but draws more and more on his Celtic ancestry to find mystery and meaning and blessing in the everyday. He rejoices in the presence of the mystery we call God in people, places, events that touch us – usually unbidden, unexpected – to comfort and strengthen us in our life’s journey. The titles of the seventy ‘blessings’ are themselves constant reminders of the daily encounters of blessings in his life – and ours. Children, home, cats and teaspoons, clowns and lemon trees – unlikely sources of prayer but integral to his openness to the gift that is at the heart of every blessing.

This collection of poems is a true blessing. They warm the soul, quietly provoking and gently prodding towards a more grateful and grace-filled life. Hamish Galloway – Moderator, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ

Glynn Cardy’s blessings are sacred midwives of the ordinary, ‘flowing, moving, cooling, offering life to all’. Highly commended. Rex A. E. Hunt – Author, Progressive Liturgist, Religious Naturalist

The rhythm of each blessing is very steady and soothing. Thank you for putting into words what we who are too close often cannot express other than with ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhs’. Alofa Lale – Associate Minister at First Church of Otago

Glynn has been a church minister for nearly forty years, working in both the Presbyterian and Anglican churches, and in a variety of socio-economic contexts. He writes regularly on spirituality for newspapers and magazines. He loves coffee, tramping, and being on or beside the ocean. He is a strong advocate of building a society that leaves nobody behind or outside. He is married to Stephanie, and they have four children, two cats, one dog, and two grand dogs, There first grandchild is due shortly.

Glynn Cardy is the Minister of the Community of St Luke in Auckland, NZ. He is bi-religious – Anglican and Presbyterian – albeit of a progressive hue. He has been tamed by dogs and cats. He loves coffee, cycling, tramping, and being on or beside the ocean. He is a strong advocate of building a society that leaves nobody behind, or outside. Glynn is married to Stephanie, and they have four wonderful children, Michael, Andrew, Maria and Anna.

Author Glynn Cardy
Pages 88
Publication Date 08/08/2023
Imprint Coventry Press
ISBN 9781922589279

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Love and other Blessings

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