• Seasons & Self Discourses on Being 'At Home' in Nature

Seasons & Self is a courageous exploration into religious naturalism – sometimes called the ‘forgotten alternative’ – as well as contemporary critical biblical studies by one of Australia’s leading progressives, Rex A. E. Hunt. A self-professed religious naturalist, progressive liturgist, and social ecologist., he belongs squarely within a post-liberal/ ‘progressive’ orientation.

Rex A. E. Hunt acknowledges the principle attributed to the Brazilian theologian Rubem Alves: "I am not after conclusions… Conclusions are meant to shut... Every conclusion brings the thought process to a halt”.  The present collection is an invitation to readers to become curious and excited about what they read, and to explore further – beyond the tyranny of clear and distinct ideas! The author is concerned about 'likelihoods’ and being 'open-ended' rather than closing any discussion with persuasion by argument. The intent is to strike a chord rather than ‘shoehorning’ something – ideas, answers, doctrine, correct belief – into people, often challenging the parochial and limited claims of traditional religions, or so-called pious biblical argument based on a proof-text zeal.

While both science and progressive religion are to the fore in the topics and chapters of the collection of sermons, addresses and keynote presentations, there is also a strong hint of the poetic – all evoking a sense of awe and wonder at nature and the natural, rather than the supernatural. A radical theo-eco-logy! Themes addressed include evolution, earth, cosmos, food and wisdom, as well as Autumn, children, celebration and humour. All grounded in the Ordinary… in the hope that, collectively, they will stir one’s own imagination.

“Nature and naturalism are for us today the main game for any progressive spirituality,” writes the author. “We are fully linked with our surroundings in time, space, matter/energy, and causality, and where the metaphor of ‘web’ is used to describe this interrelatedness – we create the web and the web creates us…”

Rex A E Hunt is a retired minister in the Uniting Church in Australia. He was Founding Director and is a Life Member of The Centre for Progressive Religious Thought Canberra, Founder of The Network of Biblical Storytellers in Australia and New Zealand and past Chair of The Common Dreams Conference of Religious Progressives in Australia and New Zealand. His web site of Liturgies and Sermons is visited regularly by people from more than 85 countries around the world.

Author Rex A E Hunt
Pages 264
Publication Date 19 July 2018
Imprint Coventry Press
ISBN 9780648230328

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Seasons & Self Discourses on Being 'At Home' in Nature

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