Publishing / Submissions

Coventry Press welcomes submissions for publishing.  Please find below requirements for submissions:

1. A brief covering email telling us why you have approached Coventry Press in particular as a possible publisher. We also ask that you tell us if you are submitting your material simultaneously to another publisher.

2. An outline of the publishing proposal: this will include:

- Content: 300 – 400 words telling us what the book is about.

- Target readership: who are you writing for?

- A working title and a table of contents, with a line or two describing the contents of each chapter.

- A line or two about you, your qualifications for writing the book and what opportunities you can offer for the promotion of the book (such as connections to relevant organisations, networks or mailing lists).

- A line or two about the possible competition, i.e. books at a similar level and aimed at a similar readership.

- The anticipated number of words in the book and (if the work is not yet completed) the estimated delivery date.

3. A sample chapter (not the complete manuscript).

All submissions should be sent to

Terms & Conditions of submissions

Coventry Press reserves the right to accept or not any submission put forward.

Each submission will be reviewed and considered on material submitted, discussion with Author and discussion with Editorial Staff.