• A Book of Blessings
Blessed are those who know the joy of a friend, parent, or child,
who accept us without rhyme or reason or reward, who love us with a power
that can withstand the assault of our doubt.

In the Jewish and Christian traditions, blessings are generally looked for in extraordinary people and situations. And in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, the declarations of blessedness reflect Jesus’ approach of turning expectations upside down so that it is the poor, the sick, the bereaved who are declared blessed by God. Strange and unexpected beatitudes!

Glynn Cardy’s A Book of Blessings takes the Jesus tradition in new directions. He well understands that the blessings of God are found in the ordinary, the familiar, the day-to-day. He affirms that blessings may be experienced and celebrated in unexpected situations and people.

This is a collection that inspires, delights and encourages. A Book of Blessings is in itself a blessing to the community called the church – and well beyond the church – for all who share a love and appreciation of everyday people and the richness and the ordinary of their lives.

Enjoy these words, use them wisely. They will illuminate and disturb and bless you as they have me. – Archbishop Philip Richardson, Archbishop of New Zealand

Glynn Cardy’s blessings will take you on a remarkable and surprising journey through life’s amazing paradoxes from zany joy to crushing grief - and always compassion. – Paul Oestreicher, Canon Emeritus of Coventry Cathedral

Glynn Cardy’s blessings are created from a place of profound attentiveness to the presence of the sacred in the midst of the ordinary. – Margaret Mayman Minister at St Michael’s Uniting Church, Melbourne.

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Glynn sat down with Jeremy Greaves to discuss his book, you can watch it here

Glynn Cardy is the Minister of the Community of St Luke in Auckland, NZ. He is bi-religious – Anglican and Presbyterian – albeit of a progressive hue. He has been tamed by dogs and cats. He loves coffee, cycling, tramping, and being on or beside the ocean. He is a strong advocate of building a society that leaves nobody behind, or outside. Glynn is married to Stephanie, and they have four wonderful children, Michael, Andrew, Maria and Anna.

Author Glynn Cardy
Pages 88 Pages
Publication Date July 2021
Imprint Coventry Press
ISBN 9781922589019

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A Book of Blessings

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